Game Announcement for Saturday 5/11/13

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Game Announcement for Saturday 5/11/13

Post by J1NX on Thu 09 May 2013, 12:45 pm

Just an FYI for everyone, I'm going to cancel our game this Saturday due to it being Mother's Day.

The boys and I are going to do our best to show Cupcake a good time and make sure she knows how appreciated she is. I will be having the Sunday night game though. I know I haven't said this before, but if any of you want to drop by to experience the new generation of gamers (and laugh a little at how far you've come)

Also, the Saturday after (5/18) Logan has requested that we play a game of Aberrant. I'm still interested in running the TOJ as well though. Is there anyone that would be able to play Aberrant with us before the TOJ? It would be as per normal, a small intro story and an encounter.



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