What You Missed - Time of Judgement - 5/25/13

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What You Missed - Time of Judgement - 5/25/13

Post by J1NX on Sat 25 May 2013, 11:57 pm

For those that left before we were through, and honestly can't blame you because we ran about 30 minutes over, I wanted to let you know what happened. As you remember the party had split into 3 groups. Because of this I will be breaking down the last few minutes into 3 portions. These are the final scenes for this game.

Derrick: After the conversation that Derrick and his avatar "Frank" had about things that they were seeing looking very familiar, Derrick made a roll to see if he could change anything in the world around him. He changed a brothel into his childhood home. This took him relatively no effort and revealed that they were indeed trapped within his mind.
This is where we left this part of the party.

Toast/Pat/Adam/Zach/Calodeon: Travelling behind Calodeon along the Iron Band, Toast and his group began discussions to alter course to go find Derrick. Derrick stated in a mental link with Toast that he had found the Jabberwocky. As they readied themselves a loud pop followed by a humongous roar shook the area they were in and a giant pillar of flame burst into the sky.
This is where we left this part of the party.

Byrd/Jacob: While Byrd performed "soup angels" in the stew he had knocked over Jacob became bored and decided to venture over the Iron Band and into Fae territory. Upon entering there was an audible pop and whoosh of air immediatly followed by a flash of multicolored lights. The myriad of colors was not unlike a fireworks show except that the lights seemed to come from a cloud of fireflies. There were soothing smells of fine food and relaxing smells like freshly mowed grass. In the distance, Jacob saw the most heavenly vision of his hearts desire beckoning him to come closer.

To outside observers there was no sound, no light and also no other being. It was simply Jacob standing on the other side of the Iron Band walking further away from Byrd. Byrd reached out to Jacob and forced a telepathic connection with him. He tried to reason with him and convince him to come back. At the same time the Faeries were telling him that he needed to come with them. After a few moments of having his mind violated, Jacob snapped and used Voice of Madness.
This is where we left this part of the party.

As this game came to a close I awarded 20 experience.

See you next game.



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