A fun little game...

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A fun little game...

Post by J1NX on Mon 12 Jul 2010, 5:12 pm

I've created a fun little game for myself. It's very easy to play and I will show you how right now.

If you use a social networking site (Facebook, Myspace, Xanga) then you are probably left to the onslaught of normally meaningless and stupid questions that people put as their status update. I used to find this annoying, but now I simply play this game.

The name of the game is TMI or Too Much Information.

The point of TMI is to overload a users comment by such a degree that they are forced to either read til their eyes bleed or ignore the comment. I follow up this by questioning them later about what I said. If they read it then well done, if they did not then there is much room for razzing them.

For example:

Evan Phillips what is up with posting "woot" and what the hell is up with the explosion after a fist bump? i think im getting old already.

‎Mad Mike *deep breath* To start with the latter and move to the former, the fist bump explosion or "Xtreme Knuckles" was born out of necessity during a time of self expression about 2.5 years ago.

As the regular high five had begun to bury itself in the tomes of ancient lore, out of the ashes arose the fist bump. 2 years prior to "Xtreme Knuckles" the original fist bump or "Respect Knuckles" was used to express an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as well as a casual greeting between close friends.

This grew too confusing at times because there are certain situations in which an expression of overwhelming accomplishment was not meant to be shown...such as funerals or divorce hearings.

This meant that the social world needed to define a more specific signature motion to denote a more vibrant display of emotion. Thusly, the "Xtreme Knuckles" was born.

Now on the subject of woot.
Woot is a word that was derived from 2 root words. Those words of course being "Woo Hoo" and "Hoot" (of course nobody was saying the word hoot, merely making a hooting noise).

After time the two words slowly drifted together forming one base word used to encompass certain joy in the face of possible anguish.

For example, when you are barely scraping by a C average in your ancient rome calculus class and the final exam is a make or break for you you will be met with two possible outcomes for a proper response, Woot or Fail! Fail of course being the negative alternative to the previously stated positive Woot.

I hope this clears up any possible confusion.

For further questions feel free to pose them too me on my page.

What I just did was give him far too much information (most of which is bullshit that I made up on the spot) and posted it as a comment. (it was actually two comments since it was too large for one alone)

Have fun with it. Tell a story. Make someone think that they've learned a shit ton about something only to find out late that they have been spreading around bullshit.



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Re: A fun little game...

Post by Alcatraz on Mon 12 Jul 2010, 11:03 pm

I, being me, already post extremely long winded explanations lol.... this is almost exactly what I do.

Except that I'm serious. *sigh*
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