What You Missed - Time of Judgement - 6/22/13 - 6/29/13

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What You Missed - Time of Judgement - 6/22/13 - 6/29/13

Post by J1NX on Mon 01 Jul 2013, 4:21 pm

Bear in mind, that while I am keyed in to game while it is happening, some of these details may be misinterpreted. If you see anything that needs correcting just let me know and I'll amend it.


To begin where you left off. The party, after shifting into the umbra was able to utilize Ben and Kazu Kaze's abilities to narrowly avoid the mob that had been trying to attack them. They maneuvered around a slumbering Jonah and stepped back across the barrier into the material plane.

They then were able to take safety in the only readily available transportation on the road near the air field. An ice cream truck. Ben was able to teleport the party inside, but once there they found that aside from the ice cream freezer, the walls were lined with guns.

It was at this moment that the driver of the ice cream truck opened the door and climbed inside. He immediately took notice of the group and happily welcomed them aboard. He then introduced himself as Nick, a malkavian and a contact of "Old Man" Shino. The party asked him to bring them to the prince so he started up the truck.

He drove the group out of the dregs and into the heart of Seattle, which was without a doubt the scariest drive of their lives as Nick has zero dots in drive, and has no interest in learning. Upon arriving at their destination the party finds themselves at a large cemetery. Milling about outside the gates were 3 men, two nondescript guys in various street clothes and one man wearing stark white everything.

White coat, white jacket, white shirt, white tie, white pants, white shoes, white gloves, white hair, white sunglasses. Not a spec of dirt on him. He introduces the others first as Sam and Peter before introducing himself to the party as Mordrid. He explains that the Prince of Seattle is dead and has been for quite a while and since his death the city has gone to total anarchy.

He explains that despite his death though there is a person that claims that he has the ability to not just raise the dead, but turn the unliving back to a mortal form. This could mean that a vampire could regain their humanity, but retain their blood potency and thus their abilities.

The Prince was last seen going down into the Pit to try and gain this "cure". The party is instructed that they need to find a way to get into the pit and bring the Prince back if he is alive as well as find out what the "cure" really is.

They are told that the next participant is in the bar across the street and to ask for Haquim and to gain entry by whatever means necessary. Once inside the party elects Crighton to do their talking and Crisis agrees to come along as muscle in case things get hairy. The remaining party members elect to sit at the bar and watch.

The bartender points out Haquim to the party and they all take their places. Crighton tells Haquim, a small middle-eastern man who is much more jovial than I believe any of them expected, that he would like to trade places with him in the pit. Haquim apologizes and states that that is impossible.

He then suggests that Haquim instead bring the party with him so that they can see what is going on. Haquim tells him that he is about an hour too late. The 3 men at his table have already made the same proposition and he is not one to break his word. Haquim does offer another option though.

If you fight one of them in a one on one match, he will take the winner's group with him into the pit. Crighton agrees, and Haquim explains the rules. No outside help, no holds barred. If you break the rules you will regret it.

Crighton realizes quickly that he bit off a bit more than he could chew as the men in question are Abominations. They carry the blood of the Assamite clan within their Nagah bodies and are quite deadly killers. His one saving grace is that he is crafty. As the Abomination attacks him he hides and waits for the best moment to strike. Both Crighton and the Abomination choose to cloak themselves in a field of invisibility.

While this was going on the bar began to empty quickly, not wanting to be part of the fight. Crighton, seeing that things were not in his favor, used Voice of Madness. The effect did not touch his intended target, but it did have an effect on Crisis, who began to go into a rage, unlike anything he had experienced before.

The Abominations are also effected momentarily and all attack Crighton, but before they are able to lay a hand on him Haquim halts them in their tracks. By only using the word, "Enough." The Abominations and Crisis stop in their tracks.

It is explained that the bottle of jaeger that the abominations were sharing with Haquim and that Crisis had drank from contained a massive dose of Nagah venom. While the Abominations were immune to the poison, they were unable to negate the mind effecting powers of the drug.

Haquim then tosses the two Abominations that are uninvolved into the street and leaves Crighton to deal with his foe with no way to fend against him. After all parties are done with the fight, it has become obvious that the fire started during the fight is going to consume the whole building. The party leaves and Haquim offers them their reward for besting the Abominations without interfering in the ancient laws of combat.

Haquim, with the party begins the descent into the pit. The entrance is within the cemetery, in an old moseleum. Almost 7 miles down a very ragged stone stairway the party shuffles in the dear pitch blackness. They emerge in a tunnel about 25 feet wide by about 40 feet high that is covered in drawings in phosphorescent paint.

Haquim says nothing, but begins to make his way through a series of winding, nearly identical tunnels. after what seems like hours they emerge into a large open area that resembles something similar to a gladiatorial arena. There are seats carved into the rock around them and all manner of dark beasts from the corners of the World of Darkness are in attendance to watch the next event.

In the center of the floor is a large metal iris, much like that of a camera. At the far end is a man in dark clothes that stands at a rock formation jutting out of the ground. Standing behind it he appears like a minister at a pulpit and calls to order the roaring crowd. Let us remind everyone why we are here. It is for this!" He says showing a video stream of a medical laboratory on an electronic tablet. "Who is our next challenger?"

Haquim steps forward to the center of the iris and salutes the man in black by shifting into his full 18ft tall half-cobra form. The party is now fully certain that Haquim is a Nagah. The ceremony begins and the lights in the cave die out as the iris begins to open and an ominous blue light begins to swell and dimly light the room.

As the iris opens the crowd begins to chant, "Oculus. Oculus. Oculus." Once it is fully open, Haquim dives in with weapons at the ready. Watching him diving into the swirling vortex of blue light and disappear, the party turns their attention to the man in black who is making his way around the opening in the ground.

As he walks slowly his features begin to shift. His body elongates, his eyes blacken and stretch wide and his lips recede to reveal a mouth full of pointed knife-like teeth. As he passes by the party he pays them no heed until a few steps past them. They then hear him sniffing the air.

He turns quickly and grabs Ben by the neck before cursing his kind and hurling him into the pool of light. Kazu Kaze then attacks the alien man hurling him into the vortex before diving in after Ben. Crisis then asks Shino if he should follow. Shino agrees that it would be for the best and Crisis dives in.

Shino decides that his abilities would be best put to use outside the portal in the event that he is needed to get them back. As he watches the iris close and the light or the vortex die off the room re-lights and the spectators begin to leave.

Shino takes special note of a short pudgy creature that runs to the pulpit and retrieves the alien's tablet before trying to shuffle past him. Shino grabs the creature and demands that he explain what he is doing. The man claims that he is doing nothing. Shino demands further, allowing his bugs to crawl up his arm and forma gauntlet of sorts.

The creature squeals and holds tightly to the tablet. He claims that he is simply retrieving the tablet and that he is of no worth to Shino. Shino agrees and allows his bugs to devour the creature while Shino takes the tablet from him.

Shino discovers that aside from the live feed from the lab, the tablet only seems to have one other use. It has a book on it that he is able to roughly translate as "The Arcane Dead". Within the pages it appears that it has extremely detailed information on all of the inhabitants of the world of darkness from a scientific perspective.

Shino does not know what this will be good for yet, but knows that he will need to hang on to it.

On the other side of the vortex, the party finds that they are able to breathe. Surprising because after a moment to collect himself Ben realizes that they are on MARS. Ben, upon arriving sees that they have landed in a crater and Haquim is nowhere to be seen. There is only a single tunnel that leads elsewhere, but it is pitch black. The party takes this moment to interrogate the alien that was cast into the vortex with them.

They found that his race is an ancient one and that every 1300 years they are to find suitable food for from all over the universe to sacrifice to their god Thool. Thool, as long as he is fed properly, dwells dormant within the planet we know as Mars. This angers Ben so much that he casts a curse on the alien so that every time it moves it catches fire. It is only moments afterwards that the alien bursts into flames, unable to comprehend what is causing the effect.

Now the party, minus the Old Man, have to find, fight and kill an ancient alien god within the depths of Mars.


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