A Day in the life of a MUDer

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A Day in the life of a MUDer

Post by cArdInAl on Fri 30 Oct 2009, 5:00 pm

For those of you who reaaally want to know what the heck game JK and I play called "Duris," here ya go. What makes Duris freakin awesome:

1.) It's based on Forgotten Realms DnD
2.) It's winner takes all..in other words if you kill someone from the other side of the racewar...you get ALL the gear you can salvage from their corpse.
3.) Several of the people who still play it..are oldschool DnD players. Woot

This is the official Duris PVP logs website. I'm not in any of the current pvp logs that are up, but here is what a multi-user dungeon (Mud) looks like:

Duis Mud

visit the site and click on any username that has a link attached to it to see a fight from their perspective of the battle.

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