J1NX needs a fund raiser!

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J1NX needs a fund raiser!

Post by J1NX on Tue 14 Jul 2009, 6:46 pm

Some of you are aware I've been having extensive vehicular issues this month. What started as a defective O2 sensor had developed into a $700+ bill by this morning. This has stressed and strapped me to my limit, but I was optimistic that it was all for good until today.

I received a call about 2 hours ago stating plainly that my transmission was shot and it either needed to be rebuilt or replaced. Volkswagen has offered a new one for $4800 or Mr.Transmission has offered to rebuild mine for about $2000...seeing as how my credit card has now reached its buckling limit and the only way to squeeze more money out of me is to collect the life insurance I'm boned royally.

My hope is that I can get approved for some sort of loan to either rebuild my transmission or get a new/used car. Either way I will be without transport for the next week or so and even though my Dad is in town to help me, he can't stay here another whole week.

I may be needing to call in a few favors fellas, though I hate to inconvenience anyone. I just have nowhere else to turn and I am running out of steam before I fall apart.


p.s. you can tell that this is serious because i didn't make any tranny jokes.


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