Character Sheet: J1NX

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Character Sheet: J1NX

Post by J1NX on Fri 30 Mar 2012, 2:30 pm

Name: ****
Alias: J1NX, Jinx
Origin: Cyborg
Primary Weapon: Technopathy
Secondary Weapon: Probability Manipulation
Tertiary Weapon: Photographic Reflexes
Weaknesses: Extreme Heat, Magnetism, Extreme Physical Damage

J1NX is a digital entity with an unprecedented ability to control machines. J1NX has no one physical body and is able to transfer his consciousness to inhabit one host at a time. Due to the speed of J1NX processor he is able to predict possible outcomes for scenarios. This give J1NX an edge in most battles as it grants him minor Probability Manipulation and Photographic reflexes. This makes him especially deadly as he can record, mimic and in some cases improve on his opponents fighting styles for use against them.

Special Rules: Due to J1NX consciousness being nearly immortal, TGB: UBR has ruled that he is only allowed to use one body per round. If his consciousness leaves his chosen body for any time it will be considered a disqualification and his opponent will automatically be named winner of the round.

Strength: * * * *
Stamina: * * *
Dexterity: * * * * *
Intelligence: * * * * *
Wisdom: * *
Charisma: *


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Character sheet
Name: J1NX
Primary Weapon: Technomancy
Power Level:
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