Did somebody say RP?

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Did somebody say RP?

Post by J1NX on Fri 30 Mar 2012, 1:47 pm

I've been asked several times when we were going to start up RPing again on the boards. Well here you go!
I figured this could be a lot of fun without much effort.

Fighters from all over the universe face off for the amusement of their planet, species or tribe to show how powerful they are. The winner gets fame, money and bragging rights for as long as they hold the title of Ultimate Battle Champion.

There are few rules, but they are strictly enforced.

1. No person, that is unregistered with the UBR, may participate in any round.
2. If you are registered with the UBR, you must fight or provide a suitable substitute for your fight.
3. If your opponent submits, you must allow your opponent to leave the fight without contest.
4. Direct assault on spectators is prohibited.
5. All weapons, enhancements and abilities must be inspected and cataloged by UBR personnel before entry into the arena.
6. Failure to adhere to previous rules will result in immediate expulsion from the UBR.

Weapons, cybernetic enhancements, special abilities and powers are allowed in all UBR fights unless previously stated before the beginning of each round.

Character Details

All Characters must include the following.

Name and/or Alias
Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Tertiary Weapon
List all weaknesses for your character. This information will not be common knowledge to all characters, but may be necessary for writing against you in RP.

*Special Rules: Rules that the governing body of TGB: UBR have placed on your character.

Strength: *
Stamina: *
Dexterity: *
Intelligence: *
Wisdom: *
Charisma: *

All players will start with 1 point in all stats and get 15 additional points to place into their stats to customize their character. They will be awarded more points at the end of each round. There is a cap of 5 points in any one attribute until all attributes are maxed out. If all attributes have 5 points in them the player will be allowed to increase up to another 5 points in each attribute.

*Special Rules only need be submitted if your character has some ability, power or contingency in place that would otherwise render fighting unnecessary in standard play. (i.e. immortality, ability to kill in one blow, etc.) The rules are put in place to make the fight more interesting.


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