NPC Profile: Sebastian Rolfe

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NPC Profile: Sebastian Rolfe

Post by J1NX on Mon 14 Dec 2009, 9:46 am

Below is classified information for the eyes of the Prince alone.

Sebastian Rolfe

Name:Sebastian Rolfe
Birth Name: Sebastian O'Connell
Other Known Alias(s): The Ghost, The Fire Walker, The Fearless One, The Bullet
Race: White
Nationality: Irish
Home City: Glasgow, Ireland
Date of Birth: September 17th, 1665
Date of Death: December 17th, 1684
Clan Affiliation: Toreador
Specialty Skills: Demolitions
Nature: Bravo
Demeanor: Thrill-seeker
History: Sebastian Rolfe was the first and last person you saw as you were carried over the threshold to the river making his hooded figure all the more ominous. It was said that Sebastian was so fast that he could outrun death itself, though among his enemies he was more of a myth than anything. He had spent most of his early years studying with his sire on the true art of speed, referred to by them as the "Quicksilver Technique", making him exceedingly dangerous at high speeds. The technique comes at a price though. Making him expend large amounts of blood to use it to it's full potential, it leaves him near death by the end of it.

During the Antediluvian Wars, Sebastian was selected for his abilities to join a group of fellow soldiers known as the "Wolf Pack". Fearless and determined, they were to be the elite fighting force that the newly forming Camarilla would use as an example to others that through unity we can become stronger. Known only as "The Ghost" among the enemy he would appear in their ranks and then disappear as if blown away in the wind leaving behind nothing but mangled heaps of bodies in his wake.

As the war closed, the ever cocky Sebastian was still eager to fight left alongside his would be lover, Samantha, as she returned to the Orient to war against the Kindred of the East and claim her seat in the Jade Palace.

After this point in history it is hard to pinpoint what truly became of Sebastian as some claimed "The Ghost" never left the battlefields, while other claim to have seen him in their hour of need. Truth and fiction blur to match his visage.


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